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Chicken With Broccoli

A Unique Dining Experience

Gourmet House will give you one of the best Chinese food experiences. Our menu provides you with possibilities for all appetites.

Chicken With Broccoli
Chicken With Broccoli
Beef with Mixed Vegetable
Beef with Mixed Vegetable
Chicken lo Mein, no vegetable
Chicken lo Mein, no vegetable

About Us

Gourmet House came to Michigan City, IN in 2006, in hopes to share the town with its vast taste and food. The owners of Gourmet House come from Fuzhou, China.

Fuzhou lies on the north bank of the estuary of Fujan's largest river, the Min River. Fuzhou cuisine is one of the four traditional cooking styles of Fujan cuisine, which in turn is one of the eight Chinese regional cuisines. Dishes are light but flavorful, with particular emphasis on taste, known in Chinese cooking as "xianwÚi" (traditional Chinese: ??; simplified Chinese: ??), as well as retaining the original flavor of the main ingredients instead of masking them. In Fuzhou cuisine, the taste is light compared to that of some other Chinese cooking styles, and often have a mixed sweet and sour taste. Soup, served as an indispensable dish in meals, is cooked in various ways with locas seasonal fresh vegetables and seafood.

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3801 Franklin Street
Michigan City, IN 46360
(219) 872-7566



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